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What is this?

A 6-week online training course that will rock your world! This course is full of quick lectures, practical exercises, and real life examples that provide the best learning possible.

Who's it For?

PM's, founders and startup leaders in charge of bringing new products to the market. Product Leaders wanting to quickly and effectively train new product managers.

Why is this Important?

These are the foundations that enable customer understanding, clarity of focus, effective prioritization, and ultimately will allow you to launch products that customers will love.

Why Learn
From Us?

We've been there! We've been responsible for dozens of products serving millions of customers. We've advised hundreds of startups. We've trained PM's and founders the hard way - now you don't have to!

Course Elements

Problem Definition

Enable ongoing clarity and focus by clearly defining the problem you're solving and in doing so, clarifying what you aren't going to do.


Customer Personas & Needs

Learn how you can easily define and document who their target customer is as well as how to prioritize their needs so that you can easily set direction and make effective product tradeoffs.

Defining your Product

Get practical tools that help you prioritize a feature set and define a core product that will enable you to WOW your customer and learn quickly...
Your Minimum Viable Wow product


Your Pitch

Learn how to articulate all of this in a concise way that gives you the best chance influencing, and aligning everyone needed to successfully launch your product.


One price. One full year access to the tools and content.

Just the Foundations


  • Get bite size videos and practical reference materials and templates providing you the tools you need to define the foundations for any product
  • Learn how to define and focus on your target customer
  • Identify and prioritize their needs
  • Specifically suited to new PM's and founders

Customer Foundations

Flying Solo


  • Includes everything in the Customer Foundations program...PLUS
  • How to define your minimum viable product that drives growth
  • Conducting actionable concept testing and product research
  • Operationalizing customer-driven decision making
  • Building a focused and successful launch plan

Flying Solo

Community Style


  • Get everything that's in Flying Solo...PLUS
  • Access to the community going through the same challenges you are going though
  • Get questions answered by the Purpose Driven Product team...Former C-Level product executives and successful product leaders

Community Style

Don’t Take Our Word For It

The Purpose Driven Product workshop was made highly effective through live exercises to promote understanding in the audience. I would highly recommend that any entrepreneur attends the workshop before launching a product or company!

Ruprecht von Buttlar/ CONNECT

This is how I describe the PDP workshop for my project: imagine that my project is the Golden Gate bridge connecting to San Francisco, and what the PDP workshop did was to lift the entire bridge and rotate it pointing to another and better island, connecting to a better path. I consider that there was a lot of valuable information and feedback that we received all the time. Thank you.

Joe Ibanez/TrueBox

PDP workshop helped me think through what really matters in product development. More than any specific tools we used at the workshop (which were great and practical, btw.), Vidya and Heather helped me develop a customer-centric mindset, which I will bring to work with me every day.

Rasto Ivanic/ GroupSolver

Helpful Reads

The Mom Test
How to talk to customers & learn if your business is a good idea when everyone is lying to you
by Rob Fitzpatrick

A good way to think about gathering customer feedback on your idea.

3 Brands that Prove Listening to Customers is Key to Company Compbacks
What could Best Buy, NASCAR, and Yahoo possibly have in common? They know how to treat their fans and are thriving because of it.

Great article on how customer focus is key

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Customers Included
How to Transform Products, Companies, and the World - With a Single Step
by Mark Hurst & Phil Terry

We love these guys...always right on in their assessment of customer experiences and how to build great products.

Why Product Thinking is the next big thing in UX Design
Life’s too short to build something nobody wants…

Really good perspective to take in developing new products

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We've Been There

We're founders, successful product management leaders,
and have launched multiple successful new products.

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Product exec in b2c/b2b
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Former VP of Product Management at Intuit Inc.
Loves coaching
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